by John Huie, Associate Lay Leader

During the Easter celebration, we joyously remember the resurrection from our Lord Jesus Christ; death is defeated! Woo hoo! We have eternal life because Jesus is alive. So why are you “walking dead?” I get it, the pandemic, death of a friend/family, home confinement, no personal contact, and social injustice. Ask God through prayer for calmness, security, and overwhelming love for others.

Thank you, God!  I can feel your warmness, brightness surrounding around me, and overflowing love completely covering me! But I especially want to thank you, God, for being there to help me through the difficult times and knowing you have always been there in the darkness waiting for me to ask for help through prayer. Amen.

Boy, prayer is so powerful, it renews your soul, lift your worries, comforts you, increases love for others around you, and provides insight from God to be an instrument of his task. Remember, helps on the way. You just need to ask God. Please have a joyous Easter celebration of hope, renewal, and knowing death is conquered!

I want to share a contemporary music from Toby Mac, called “Help Is On The Way (Maybe Midnight)”, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aVgetIvEIAs.

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Author: John Huie

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