Conference Commission on Religion and Race

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Over the past year, following our Annual Conference’s direction, the Conference Commission on Religion and Race (CCORR) examined the cross-racial & cross-cultural appointment process of our Annual Conference. To support these appointments, we developed and adopted as a living document our Foundations for Cultural Competency and Cross-Cultural and Cross-Racial Appointments document. Please click here for the PDF document.

This document helps identify the reality of how we continue to fall short of fully including and supporting people of color in our Annual Conference. From this work, conversations emerged around how we can do better in supporting our clergy serving in these appointments. We also discussed what we can do to lift up our ethnic local churches. In doing our work, we came to understand cross-cultural competence as the ability to understand and engage effectively with people from different cultures. As a team, CCORR acknowledged our tendency to make assumptions regarding the cross-cultural competencies of ourselves and members of our Annual Conference. As a whole, we believe there is a tendency to over-estimate our competencies. Our overestimation causes more harm than good when doing work within cross-racial and cross-cultural appointments. Injury is being done to both our clergy and our congregations. As we acknowledged these harms, CCORR began a dialogue around the next steps we can take as a conference to increase our education and action in these areas. What can we do to develop a greater understanding grounded in love for our differences? We do not want to erase our differences or force assimilation to one cultural perspective as we do this work. Instead, we hope to be more aware of how to reduce and eliminate the space between cultures to develop a mutuality of understanding.


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Author: Connectional Ministries

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