By Phyllis Murray, North District Lay Leader

The name of a ministry is very important according to Laurie Wilson, co-chair of the Lord’s Treasures ministry at Pahrump Valley UMC.

For many years, the church had organized regular Rummage Sales which funded ministries and church operations. But the volunteers began to feel the name did not reflect the higher calling and possibilities for their church. A spirited contest was held and the name Lord’s Treasures was selected to guide the efforts as they went forward. The feeling was that God would provide for the needs of the community, if the church opened it’s heart and doors to the flow of grace and generosity that was needed. And they share the Lord’s Treasures in many ways.

Donations to the huge selection of available goods come from across the community, as do the volunteers. The fellowship and shared compassion have created a wonderful connection to those in other church congregations as well as the public at large. Many local congregations and organizations provide the much needed volunteer base … which is always in need of more willing hands and loving hearts.

And the support and involvement of the community makes the ministry a vital partner in Nye County, as it helps improve the lives of many of the county residents and the work of agencies across the valley. In addition to providing low cost quality shopping experiences for those who LOVE or NEED a bargain, the ministry provides clothing, housewares, and furniture for families in transition. If the need is a result of a disaster, loss, or move; goods are available through many of the service agencies who refer clients to Lord’s Treasures.

Backpacks, book bags, and gym bags are provided to the DAR who fill them with food for kids to take home for weekend meals.

Nye County Coalition and Nevada Outreach help connect the ministry to agencies who can benefit from goods or funding. Wardrobe needs are met for those re-entering the work force. Furniture is provided for those families in need, and the ministry works closely with the Food Pantry also at Pahrump Valley UMC. Say NO to Abuse is another partnership that allows Lord’s Treasures to serve families fleeing abusive situations to find stable living conditions and provide them with a new start.

Many of the community agencies as well as church ministries such as Potosi Pines Camp have benefited from financial support over the years because of the generous hearts and efficient operations of this amazing work.

Sharing the treasures of community, its members, the compassion and support that God has provided them has made the ministry of Pahrump Valley UMC a vibrant and essential part of our connection. They were first in line to request permission to develop a plan to stay open during the pandemic, knowing that the community relied on them and they had the desire and commitment to serve.

For more information, or to help, contact Pahrump Valley UMC, 775 727 6767 or https://pahrumpvalleyumc.com/.

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Author: Phyllis Murray

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