by Jeannie Ward, West District Lay Leader

What ‘kind’ of ‘kind’ do we exemplify?
Do we just ‘think’ of being ‘kind’?
Or, do we actually ‘act’ with kindness?

While waiting in a long, drive-thru restaurant, line last week, I had plenty of time to read ALL of the bumper stickers on the car in front of me. The best one, and the one that has stayed in my thoughts, read:

BE BOTH” (anonymous)

Kindness costs us nothing … but, we are rich with blessings when God sees us reaching out to our brothers and sisters, His children – In Matthew 25:40 (NIV), Jesus says:

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”

Of course, kind acts are needed in many different situations – and, whether there is a critical, dire need in the aftermath of a tornado, flood, and, yes, even a pandemic – or, that you hold open a door for someone with their hands full … ALL kind acts are important.

Here’s an example:
Three weeks ago, my husband and I ventured out to our local hardware store. I was excited about what we were going to plant in our raised garden beds, so went straight to the Garden Center. My husband needed staples for the heavy-duty staple gun he uses to put up the shade screens over the garden beds. He found the staples and then, unfortunately, the end of the box slid open and all of the staples fell on the floor! It was at that moment – without any hesitation, a mother and her young son came right over and picked up the scattered staples. That act of kindness may not seem like much – but, we will forever be grateful that they actually ‘acted’ with kindness.

Have you ‘acted’ with kindness recently? Have you had someone ‘act’ with kindness in your life recently?

Let’s all think about the how far reaching these synonyms can be in relation to being KIND: folks, humanity, people, public, species, world.

Humbly submitted.

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Author: Jeannie Ward

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