A new resource for Staff/Pastor Parish Relations Committees (S/PPRC) is available on the Desert Southwest Conference website under the DSC University Trainings and Resources button or at this link, https://dscumc.org/initiative/itraining/.

The PDF titled SPRC Office Best Practices is from the Chief Officer of Human Resources at General Council on Finance and Administration and contains guidance for Employee Files. There also are video segments covering: Introduction to S/PPRC, 3-C’s: Connections, Conflict and Confidentiality, and Hiring Staff. These training video segments come with discussion guides and a resource list.

These webinars and other training videos along with PDF resources for the Board of Trustees, Finance Committees, and Leadership Team/Church Councils can be viewed at any time, any place. Some committees may want to watch segments together and discuss them in meetings over the course of the year. Other committees may ask their members to view them separately and perhaps have a discussion with the pastor or committee about how they will work in their specific church’s setting. The District Superintendents are available to answer any questions or if a church would like further instruction on a topic.

Our local churches are blessed with willing and capable volunteers to carry out the administrative leadership of the church. Training these leaders on the disciplinary duties of the local church administrative committees equips them to support ministry through their leadership. Some of these training videos teach about specific situations like when a church wants to hire a staff person while other videos focus on the general duties that must be attended to over the course of the year. Serving Christ through serving the church in these leadership positions helps us grow as disciples along with supporting and resourcing the rest of the work of the church. Stay tuned for the release of future training videos on more topics of interest. If there is a specific area of training that would be helpful to your church, please contact your district superintendent.

May God bless all our leaders and volunteers!

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Author: Carla Whitmire

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