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By Rev. Efraín Zavala, Associate Pastor at Prescott United Methodist Church and member of the DSC-RACE Coalition

Join us for a book study on “The God Who Sees: Immigrants, the Bible, and the Journey to Belong.” This weekly, four-session study will be conducted via Zoom on Wednesdays at 4:00 PM, beginning on June 9, 2021. On June 30, the author, Karen Gonzalez, will join us to talk about the book and respond to questions.

Scroll down to read what others are saying about this book. To sign up for the book study, or to find out more information, please email Rev. Efraín Zavala at efrainzavala@dscumc.net.

If you can’t join this book study but are interested in getting involved in the work of the DSC-RACE Coalition, click here to fill out an interest survey and tell us about your area of interest and expertise.

Book Reviews:

“Karen González weaves together a brilliant book that illuminates how central the stories of immigrants are to the story of God. This is true not just in the Scriptures but also today, as Karen beautifully illustrates when she describes how God drew her close. Immigration is often talked about as a policy or political issue, and this book is a sorely needed reminder that immigration is a personal issue—one that can connect us all to the heart and mission of God.”
(Jenny Yang, vice president of advocacy and policy at World Relief and coauthor of Welcoming the Stranger)

“With this stunning debut, Karen González makes her mark as one of the most talented storytellers of faith in a generation. The skill with which she weaves together personal narrative, biblical text, intimate detail, and sociopolitical analysis is as impressive as it is seamless. Every single page of this beautiful, timely book pulses with prophetic truth. It left me changed in all the best ways.”
(Rachel Held Evans, author of Inspired and Searching for Sunday)

“We are changed by whom we read the Bible with. The God Who Sees is an invitation to read the Scriptures with the fresh eyes of Karen González, a theologian with a story that is relevant, heartbreaking, and always surprising. González deeply believes in the God who sees, and she invites her readers to discover the God who is obsessed with the immigrant. In a time of fear, The God Who Sees is a powerful testimony to what makes the good news actually good.”
(D. L. Mayfield, author of Assimilate or Go Home)

The God Who Sees artfully weaves theological application and immigration policy and practice, inviting the reader to engage more deeply in important justice issues of today. At a time in which numerous voices are being pushed into the immigration narrative, Karen González’s perspectives as a theologian and Latina immigrant, straddling Guatemalan and American cultures, are both insightful and impactful. Thank you, Karen, for sharing your heart, your mind, and your voice in this book. It is a gift.”
(Michelle Ferrigno Warren, activist and author of The Power of Proximity)

“The topic of immigration can be both confusing and contentious. Karen González helps us find our way toward a deeper understanding with The God Who Sees, a story that is deeply personal, solidly biblical, and appropriately challenging. You will find Karen González an able guide to bring clarity and encourage compassion.”
(Scott Arbeiter, president of World Relief)

“Weaving insightful reflections on the stories of immigrants in the Bible, compelling explanations of the realities facing immigrants today, and her own testimony of faith and migration, Karen González invites readers into a distinctly Christian approach to the complex topic of immigration. In the process, she invites us into a deeper relationship with the God who made and loves them. The God Who Sees is an important and enlightening book for our times.”
(Matthew Soerens, coauthor of Welcoming the Stranger and Seeking Refuge)

“In this engaging book, Karen González skillfully weaves her narrative with the biblical narratives and insightful comments on current immigration realities. This slim volume is a helpful introduction for those who want to love their immigrant neighbors. I appreciated the action and reflection questions that end the book and offer helpful next steps.”
(Jude Tiersma Watson, associate professor at Fuller Theological Seminary)

“What does it mean to surrender our lives to the God of the immigrant and stranger? That question feels more pressing than ever in our modern times. The God Who Sees takes us on a journey that brings us to the heart of God and shapes a new way of seeing the world. Trust the leadership of Karen González, an important spiritual guide for these critical conversations.”
(Daniel Hill, pastor and author of White Awake)

The God Who Sees is the book I have been waiting for: a Christian book on immigration, written from the perspective of a Latina theologian and ministry practitioner, that centers the voices and experiences of our Latino community. It is like refreshing water to my soul. Karen González stands at the vanguard of a rising generation of Latina/o Christian authors whose voices are critical for the healing of the church in America.”
(Robert Chao Romero, professor of Chicana/o studies at UCLA)

The God Who Sees offers the powerful combination of an immigrant experience expressed through the lens of Scripture. Nothing can be more compelling for those who claim the Christian faith. As a fellow Guatemalan American, I resonate with this book that brings to mind my own memories and their emotive power. Karen González’s voice is gentle, yet forceful, and needs to be heard—along with those of millions of others!”
(M. Daniel Carroll R., professor of Old Testament at Wheaton College and author of Christians at the Border) –This text refers to the paperback edition.

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