Holding Them in Prayer

by | Jun 1, 2021 | North District Notes, North District Web Page

by Rev. Dan Morley
North District Superintendent

Early on Memorial Day, I hiked up into the Spring Mountains near Mount Potosi. I needed some fresh air and exercise. But even more than that, I needed a new view — a view from on high.

I made my way off-trail and up the steep terrain, over boulders, and across the loose shale rock. As I climbed, I could feel the struggle in my muscles and in my very breath. When I came to a shelf on the rocky mountainside, and in a bit of shade, I sat to rest. As I turned around to sit, my eyes lifted to the beautiful vista. To the east, I could see into the Las Vegas valley and the city below. I could see the range of mountaintops to the north.

As I looked to the west, I could see there were higher peaks to climb. I would leave those for another time, knowing that I would need more time and strength. The highest, nearest point before me was Mount Potosi. It looks over our camp of Potosi Pines like a sentry. Soon campers will come to enjoy their week of summer camp and hiking up into the mountains, gathering around the fire circle, enjoying meals together, and telling stories in their cabins at night. In that moment, I held the campers and the staff in prayer. 

Through the summer, each camp will explore and experience prayer.  They will learn about and practice the gift of prayer — binding them to God and to each other. Every day of every summer camp, a team of people have covenanted to hold the campers and staff in prayer.  I will join this team in praying over the campers and staff; that they experience the power and beauty of God looking over them as Mt. Potosi itself looks over the camp in majesty and strength. I will pray that each one knows and experiences God as close as their very breath. I will pray for wellness in their souls and joy in their heart as they play and explore.

I invite you to pray over our camping ministry and those children, youth, and adults who will gather through these weeks of summer at our Desert Southwest Conference United Methodist camps of Potosi Pines and Mingus Mountain. To learn more about our Camp & Retreat Ministries, click here

In thanksgiving for those who serve and provide for our Desert Southwest Conference Camp and Retreat Ministries.

Blessings in Christ,

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