By Billie K. Fidlin, Director of Outreach & Justice

As totals start to come in to the Outreach/Justice office on this year’s Annual Conference Mission Project – how wonderful to hear of innovative, creative and might I say adorable young people who are doing their part! Recently I received an email from Rev. Melissa Rynders. Son Zachary is doing his thing and supporting our Conference campus ministries. Melissa shared the following photos and message with me:

Zack's Lemonade Stand

Photo by Melissa Rynders

Zack's lemonade stand

Photo by Melissa Rynders

“Zachary hosted a lemonade stand this past weekend to raise money for our AC mission project. He sold lemonade, cookies, and popsicles over two days and raised $200! He will be buying 10 gift cards and taking them to the U of Arizona Wesley Foundation in the next week or so. I’ve included a fun pic to make you smile!”

Be sure to let me know if you mail gift cards or donations directly to one of the campus ministries so that we can tally the totals from our generous churches! My email is .  Thank you – and be blessed!


Find out more about this year’s Desert Southwest Annual Conference at https://dscumc.org/mission-project.

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