Tools to Support Your Disciple-Making Journey

by | Jun 14, 2021 | West District Newsletter, North District Newsletter, Training

Discipleship Ministries serves the church to connect leaders with needed resourcing and training that supports intentional discipleship and community engagement. Click here to find high quality resources for supporting your disciple-making process – everything from online discipleship to helpful webinars and new offerings from The Upper Room.

Tools for creating and strengthening your Discipleship System! Topics include:

  • Measuring Discipleship
  • Online Discipleship
  • How to Have a Courageous Conversation
  • Basics of Faith Formation
  • Forming Disciples through Worship
  • Developing and Intentional Discipleship System

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Author: Carla Whitmire

The Desert Southwest Conference is a diverse and loving organization with open doors to a variety of people and partners in ministry. Celebrating our connection and diversity, we offer various resources. Content on this site includes information from other organizations that may not reflect the official policies or Social Principles of The United Methodist Church or the Desert Southwest Conference.

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