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Mission: To raise awareness & promote the vision of the Missio Dei (the vision of building up the Beloved Community as God’s mission in the world), foster & facilitate biblical & theological understating of inclusion & diversity as the work of ministry, and train & resource conference leadership, pastors, & congregations for increased cultural competency & fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Position: Diversity & Inclusion Trainer will co-lead intercultural competency training at all levels of the annual conference. This includes possibly training the Bishop, Appointive and Extended Cabinet, Covenant Council, Board of Ordained Ministry, Board of Laity, Clergy, Lay Leaders, local SPRC’s, and/or local congregations. 

Tasks: Trainers will be equipped through a train-the-trainer module provided by Rev. Dr. Grace Pak, Founder of Shalom IDEA. This training session will be held at First UMC of Mesa on August 5-7, 2021. Trainers will then work in pairs to lead group training over the following 18-24 months to ensure all persons in the annual conference can receive the initial training. Trainers will facilitate 3-5 training groups per 12-month period depending on availability and scheduling needs.

Skills: The primary requirement is an awareness of and passion for inclusion and diversity in ministry. An ability and capacity for teaching and leading workshops, as well as flexibility in understanding group dynamics. The ability to collaborate with a partner/cofacilitator effectively. Additionally, self-awareness, empathetic listening, and sensitivity to diversity throughout the annual conference. Finally, cultural humility, proficiency, and competency are preferred.

Setting: The initial train-the-trainer will be held in person at First UMC of Mesa. The training sessions for the annual conference members may be facilitated either via Zoom or in person. For any required travel, conference compensation will be provided per already established travel and/or lodging standards.

Schedule & commitment: The initial train-the-trainer sessions must be attended. These are scheduled for August 5-7, 2021. In addition, trainers will be required to complete the IDI following the initial train-the-trainer sessions. More information on the IDI can be found here: https://idiinventory.com/generalinformation/. Details on its completion will be provided after the train-the-trainer sessions are complete. The remaining schedule will be determined in conjunction with CORR and the various conference committees and local churches. An official training schedule will be finalized after the final train-the-trainer session is completed on August 7. Each trainer is asked to commit to facilitating 3-5 group training sessions per 12-months period for 18-24 months following the initial train-the-trainer is complete. Each training session facilitated by volunteers will be one day (or the equivalent of eight hours of instruction time).

Training & supervision: The initial train-the-trainer will provide volunteers with all necessary education and resources to complete the group training with the members of the annual conference. Supervision of the subsequent group training sessions will be coordinated with CCORR to ensure volunteers have what is needed to successfully implement the cultural competency group training. Initial training feedback will be offered during the train-the-trainer session. Once group training starts with the annual conference, feedback will be provided between the paired volunteers and potential input from those who participate in the group training. This is to give the volunteers needed assessment and help CCORR understand the effectiveness of the training sessions in meeting the goal of increased intercultural and diversity awareness.

Screening: CORR seeks inquiries from members of the annual conference who believe they meet the necessary requirements to become a volunteer trainer in intercultural competency. Please complete an application for review by CCORR. In addition, we ask you to complete the Harvard Implicit Bias Test on race. Instructions for where to find and complete the test are included with the application. If you are comfortable sharing your test results, please submit them to Khalif Smith, chair of CCORR. Any additional questions or comments can be directed to either Khalif Smith or Javier Olivares. Applications of interest in becoming a trainer need to be submitted by July 15, 2021, for consideration.

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Author: Javier Olivares

West District Superintendent
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