Cynthia Satchel

Cynthia Satchel

Dale Cook

Dale Cook

It is with deep personal sadness and great joy that we announce the upcoming retirement of two Conference staff persons, Cynthia Satchel, Pension & Health Benefits Officer, and Dale Cook, Assistant Treasurer. As of September 1, 2021, both long-time staffers will be retired. Cynthia, after 35 faithful years, and Dale, after 14 dedicated years of service. Both have proved to be essential to the success of the Desert Southwest Conference and beloved friends among the staff and beyond.

“During her tenure, Cynthia consistently demonstrated a deep commitment to and love for the Church and all of God’s people.” … “Dale consistently demonstrated an attention to detail, accuracy, and overall quality of work that has served the Conference extremely well.” – Randy Bowman, Director of Finance & Administration

Many at the local church level will surely want to be a part of a retirement celebration send-off, but because of the current pandemic climate and personal choices, there is no group celebration. Instead, we encourage you to contact them directly via email to express your farewell and best wishes. You may contact them at csatchel@dscumc.org and dcook@dscumc.org.

Dina Reid will be transferring from Camps and Accounting to Pension and Health Benefits. The position of Assistant Treasurer remains opens. We ask that you share the job post below in your church newsletters or as an email to friends that might be qualified to fill the position. In the interim, beginning September 1, 2021, you may contact Randy Bowman at rbowman@dscumc.org when you have questions that you would have contacted Cynthia or Dale about.


The Desert Southwest Conference of The United Methodist Church is looking for an experienced and detail-oriented accountant to replace a retiring Assistant Treasurer. The ideal candidate would be a Certified Public Accountant with experience in financial software, monthly accounting closes, payroll, audits, banking relations, and spreadsheet software. This person will work closely with the Conference Treasurer in performing all financial administration functions needed to ensure optimum cost-effectiveness while managing all assets and liabilities of the Conference. The current salary range for this position is $70,077-$88,685 per year. For more information, a detailed job description, and a job application, please contact Randy Bowman at rbowman@dscumc.org.

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