Committee on Nominations Report

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Cheryl Reed, chair, committee on nominations

Below, please find a report from the Desert Southwest Conference Committee on Nominations.

The Standing Rules of the Desert Southwest Conference United Methodist Women state that 30 days prior to election the slate of officers must be presented to the members of the conference.

The election will take place at the virtual Annual Celebration.

Should you like to nominate someone for one of the positions, please click here for the nomination form.  Note the deadline for nominations is September 16, 2021. We suggest you download the form and open it using Acrobat Reader. You can either complete the fillable form on your computer and save it; or print the form and complete by hand. Once you have completed the form you may either email it to Cheryl Reed, crrgrr@hotmail.com or mail to 27782 N. 129th Lane, Peoria, AZ 85383-2858.

Officers to be elected to 1st – 2-year term
President – Gracie Campbell
Secretary – Marjie Hrabe

Officer to be elected to fulfill 2nd year of term
Spiritual Growth – Arvilla Jungman

Officers to be elected to 2nd – 2-year term
Secretary of Program Resources – Caroline Kidd
Educating Members for Mission – Jeannine Reynolds

Officers Continuing in Office
Vice President – Cindy Heinecke
Treasurer – June Hanson
Social Action – Maria Hase
Communications Coordinator – Carla Whitmire
Committee on Nominations Chair – Cheryl Reed
Mission u Dean – Janette Gann
Mission u Assistant Dean – Billie Laramie

Committee on Nominations to be elected
Kay Hayworth               Class of 2023
Carol Johnson              Class of 2025
Nellie Amedee              Class of 2025

Committee on Nominations continuing
Cheryl Reed, chair        Class of 2022
Amy Butkovich              Class of 2022
Elaine Troyer                 Class of 2023
Dianna Higgs                Class of 2023
Alma Crenshaw             Class of 2024
Sue Marshall                 Class of 2024

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