The Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College announced a new IFD Certification in Music Ministry coming in January 2022! This certification is for anyone, paid or volunteer, who serves in a music-related capacity in the local church: church choir, special music, music directors, praise team members, etc. The Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College offers certifications in several ministry-related areas.

Certifications require just four courses of $125 each — a total of $500. These courses will give you a solid theological understanding to support your work, as well as practical knowledge from experts. All courses are taught by instructors who have years of on-the-ground experience in their particular ministry area. Gain tools to make a big impact in your ministry area and interact with other Christians from around the country who do the same kind of ministry you do!

  • Children’s Ministry
  • Spiritual Formation
  • Evangelism
  • Christian Care and Counseling
  • Rural Ministry
  • Christian Education
  • Ministry with People with Disabilities
  • Women’s Ministries
  • Church Administration
  • Missions
  • Music

Learn more about all the certification programs at: https://www.beadisciple.com/ifd-certifications/

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Author: Carla Whitmire

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