by Joyce Trevolt, Associate Lay Leader

Greetings. As you read this I will be returning from a visit to Ohio. I have enjoyed some nice fall weather. If the fall foliage is ready, it will be a perk, but not why I was visiting Ohio. I accompanied my granddaughter on her visit to see her dad. As with so many children these days, not all live close to one of their parents. Such is the case of two of my granddaughters. One dad lives in Ohio and the other, in South Carolina. While both granddaughters live in Arizona.

My granddaughters get so excited when they get to see their dads. It usually means it has been six weeks to a year, depending on the child, since the last visit. My 12-year-old granddaughter gets to visit with her dad about every six to eight weeks. He has made a concerted effort to be with her as often as he can. The older granddaughter gets to visit her dad when she has time off work and the money to visit her dad.

My youngest son makes the effort to keep in touch with his daughters’ mother; is on the email for her schoolwork and keeps in touch with me as she spends time at our home. He also knows when she is in trouble, either at home or at school. He is involved with her life.

My other granddaughter is old enough to be on her own, but that does not mean she doesn’t miss her dad and that he is not involved in her life. Even living in different states for the past 12 years he has stayed in touch through facetime, and other social media platforms. She does share her life with him.

Different children; different dads; different situations.

Both scenarios made me wonder: Are we happy, excited, and can hardly wait to visit our father for a BIG dad hug, or do we have to schedule: “Spend time with Dad” on the calendar. No, I don’t mean our earthly fathers. I mean our Heavenly Father. The Father that knows you inside and out. He knows what is going right in your life and he knows what is going wrong. He knows where you have been, what you are doing and who you have been doing it with.

He knows everything.

How excited are you to spend time with someone who knows everything about you? Sometimes, not so much. Do I really want to be around my father, who knows I have fallen short of his expectations? Knowing you have not lived up to what you are capable of, and He knows this. We hope we are still loved, knowing what we have done. I don’t know about you, but there were times when I did not want to be around my earthly father because of what I had done, much less my heavenly Father.

Some of us may not have had the love of an earthly father, but as Christians, we know our Heavenly Father loves us just as we are: a big human mess. Our Heavenly Father knows we cannot live up to perfection. We are human; we sin. There is no way around that. We are sinners.

Let’s look at some role models from the Bible of people who did not want to be around their Heavenly Father:

  • Adam did not want to be found by the Lord in the Garden of Eden. He disobeyed the Lord’s instructions and ate from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Genesis 3
  • Abraham, I would imagine, was not looking forward to following the Lord’s instructions to sacrifice his only son, Isaac. Genesis 22
  • Moses was probably a bit upset about not being able to go into the promise land. Moses had not trusted in the Lord being Holy. Numbers 20
  • David was wrought with emotion over the loss of his first-born son. David had committed murder and adultery. 2 Samuel 12:13
  • And what about Job, he lost everything, and I do mean everything, by Satan’s hand. He could have it all back if he only denounced God. He did not. He was faithful to God and God rewarded him with riches far exceeding what he had. Book of Job

Each knew that God, their Heavenly Father, had not left them. They knew, without a doubt, even in their sin, they were loved, valued, appreciated and were instruments for God’s work on earth.

Our relationship with Our Heavenly Father may not be as close as the above-mentioned men, but we do have a relationship. Just as we may not live close to our earthly fathers, we still have a relationship. They have not left us on our own. Just as my granddaughters stay in touch with their dads, their dads keep in touch with what is going on in their lives. They are loved, missed, valued, and appreciated. They are happy, excited, and filled with anticipation when they know they are going to see their dad. They can’t wait to have a BIG dad hug.

Our Heavenly Father has not left us alone. Do you wake up every day ready, willing, excited, and happy to be in His presence? Living close to Him? Can’t wait for that next BIG dad hug?

Take time to spend time with your Heavenly Father, and if need be, put it on your schedule.

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Author: Joyce Trevolt

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