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by | Nov 14, 2021 | UMW-Conference-Mailchimp

by Caroline Kidd, secretary for program resources

Healing and Joy on our Journey to God is the Program Resource, 2021-2022 that is packed with great ideas for programs at any United Methodist Women meeting. September through August monthly meetings include easy to use ideas for implementation for large or small groups. These programs can be used for in-person or virtual meetings. What I especially like is not only the scripture unpacking but very easily understood suggestions for taking the next most faithful steps for living out in several ways the message of scripture.

The Reading Program has a number of additional titles added to the 2022 list. This list can be downloaded from the United Methodist Women website. Every category has its additions, and I have enjoyed three of these new options.

Chelsea Clinton is the author of She Persisted Around the World, the stories of 13 Women Who Changed History. (Social Action) This is a children’s book that focuses on women who persisted in their dreams of making a difference in the world, even when they’d been told to be quiet. These women were determined to break barriers and change the status quo. Some of those highlighted include: Marie Curie, Mary Verghese (from India), “Sissie” Lima du Amor, a brilliant soccer player from Brazil, who defied the law against girls playing the sport. The book ends with this statement: “So, speak up, rise up, dream big. These women did that and more.”

Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate (Nurturing For Community) is a touching novel about a terrible practice that occurred in the U.S. in the late 30s in which children were kidnapped and then sold to well-to-do families. This is truly heart-breaking as the author relates what happened to sisters that are caught up in this nefarious practice.

Finding Jesus at the Border by Julia Lambert Fogg (Education for Mission) provides interweaving biblical narratives of border crossing and stories of immigrants journeying to the U.S. Christians are invited to consider the plight of their neighbors and to respond with compassion to the immigration crisis. We might never have been so aware that Jesus himself came from a family of immigrants. He famously said, “I was a stranger, and you welcomed me.” This very readable book may very well change hearts and call readers to action.

Happy Reading!!

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Author: United Women in Faith Communications

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