by Sandy Kerr, West District Associate Lay Leader

What is this? Oh! Let me read this again. GODISNOWHERE! Now I see what it says. James 4:8a tells us to draw near to God and he will draw near to us. We move from God, he does not move from us. As we draw near and stay close, God’s love draws nearer to us.

In this time of Church conferences, we are reminded of the great works being done in the Kingdom of God. It is a reminder, as we review the year, that we are indeed in the presence of God and as we recount what we have done in His name, He is near to us and we are drawn ever closer to Him.

As an associate district lay leader of Yuma and Ajo, I am blessed to work with the people of God. God is, indeed, now here!

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Author: Carla Whitmire

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