From Dan Hurlbert, Head of Delegation

At our annual conference session this Summer, I presented a timeline for upcoming events in the denomination.  Some dates on that timeline have passed and the projected events have taken place (bishop Bob retired and bishop Grant has been assigned), some events have been canceled (the Nov 13 special session of Jurisdictional Conference), and some events are still pending (the 2022 session of General Conference scheduled to begin on August 29).

I occasionally receive questions regarding what I think might happen. I am hesitant to share because, while I have an opinion, it is only possible to base an opinion on speculation at the moment.  The fact is that there are far too many variables that impact when/if General Conference will meet to know for sure if the delegation will get to participate in the events we have prepared for.

How then do we plan for the future?  I have a few suggestions. Read the UM News website regularly. There is nothing that the delegation can share with you that isn’t available publicly though the official denominational news website which also presents the most unbiased view. Stories state the facts and reporters seek out opinions from sources expressing various sides of the issues. (I suggest this article as a good place to begin  Setting criteria for a 2022 General Conference | United Methodist News Service (umnews.org). Next, if you are a part of a local church that wishes to leave the denomination, please be aware that a path exists right now that is not dependent upon the passage of any plan at an upcoming General Conference. Our bishop, cabinet, and Conference chancellor should be able to help a congregation through this process if desired.  Finally, pray.  Pray that we can meet and come to the solution that God has in mind for the United Methodist Church.

Rest assured that our entire delegation continues to meet and is ready to restart legislative preparation at the beginning of the year (after having nearly completed it in the first quarter of 2020).

If you would like further information or have a specific question, feel free to contact me at .

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