Appointment Announcement December 8, 2021

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A Vision for New Life

Wesley United Methodist Church, one of only two historic Black congregations in the Desert Southwest Conference, has a vision for greater vitality, and greater impact for ministry.  Like many other churches, the years have led Wesley UMC to experience a period of decline.  With all of the ups and downs of church life, the members and friends of Wesley UMC have not lost hope.  Instead, they have used the strength of their faith to take steps to move in a new direction.

As a part of their vision, Wesley UMC has entered a covenant relationship with the Strengthening the Black Church organization within The United Methodist Church.  Strengthening the Black Church will walk alongside Wesley UMC for the next two years.  The cost of this coaching program is being covered by a partnership with the Desert Southwest Conference Commission on Religion and Race, the Ethnic Local Church Concerns Committee and The Desert Southwest United Methodist Foundation.

Harris, Pastor Sylvia

The church recognized that it would be difficult to take the steps needed without a full-time pastor.  Currently their pastor is appointed only ½ time.  The SPRC, leaders and members of the church appreciate the gifts and graces of Pastor Sylvia Harris, who was appointed initially for only 7 months as an interim pastor.  They have asked Bishop Grant to appoint Pastor Harris as their full-time pastor.  Bishop Grant Hagiya and the appointive cabinet received this request, and after prayerful consideration it is exciting to know that Bishop Grant J. Hagiya intends to appoint Pastor Sylvia Harris as the pastor of Wesley UMC, full time, starting January 1, 2022.

To make this appointment possible the Desert Southwest Conference Vital Faith Committee has made a commitment to partner with the church in providing financial support to cover the additional expenses of paying for the full-time pastor for the next two years.   The Vital Faith Committee believes in the vision that Wesley UMC shared with them and looks forward to a new future for the church.

Wesley United Methodist Church has an important history in our Conference.  They also have an important future, one that will impact their community and the Conference in wonderful ways.

We ask that you join together in supporting Wesley United Methodist Church in their dream for a vital and fruitful new life ahead as they take strategic steps into a new day.

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Author: Episcopal Office

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