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by | Dec 15, 2021 | UMW-Conference-Mailchimp

My last article as your Conference United Methodist Women President. It is a bittersweet time of reflection. I was elected for a four year term and through these four years, I have experienced  many “lasts” and “firsts” both in my personal life and my United Methodist Women’s life. Among them was my last visit with Mom before her passing in May 2021 and the first “virtual” family memorial service. And I didn’t know it at the time, but October 2019 was the last time I got to visit many of my United Methodist sisters “in person” as a Conference officer. And, of course, there was the first (and second) virtual Annual Celebration. And now, as the Conference Lay Leader, I am experiencing many more “firsts.”

Advent is a time of reflection. It is the New Year in the church liturgical year, so it is also a time to think ahead. What will the coming year bring? The birth of the Christ child reminds us that we have new life in Christ if we accept his gift of salvation. Life is full of challenges and ups and downs, but through it all the Holy Spirit is with us and helping us grow in our spiritual lives. Indeed, we do continue to grow each day as we walk with our Triune God. As United Methodist Women members, we take seriously our mission to help women, children, and youth. As I watched the “Voices from the Field ” webinar this month, I was amazed at what these resourceful women have been able to accomplish with what to us in the United States seems to be a small amount of money. It makes me proud to be part of an organization that works to empower women to do what needs to be done to support themselves when they are given a little “leg up” to get them started. Raising fish and teaching sewing do not seem like a big deal to those of us who have what we need to survive, but seeing what these women have accomplished, even in the face of Covid-19 is truly inspiring.

This may be my last newsletter article as president, but I will still be around. I am still on the planning committee for Mission u and I know I will see most of you at some United Methodist Women event.

Alberta Farnsworth, president

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Author: United Women in Faith Communications

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