Change … is inevitable. When people retire, it is a time for new beginnings – for them, for those they served, and for those who will serve. It is an opportunity for all, a chance to evolve and grow. Most importantly, it is a time to, as one of my favorite childhood songs by Joseph Parry goes…

Make new friends,
but keep the old.
One is silver,

Maria Hase, social action coordinator

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Turn! It! Up!

Turn! It! Up!

As I reread an article in our North Country Breezes by Allie Lakey back in June 2014 I was reminded of the assemblies I attended in the past. At this year’s Assembly 2022 my experience was exhilarating to see the diversity and inclusion again gathered from those around the country. Singing along with the all women band was great knowing that it was their first time altogether in person. 

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