I have been conference secretary for the past four years, finishing up on December 31, 2021. Eight years ago Judi Nibbelink had recruited me to be a member of committee on nominations. When I finished my four years, there was secretary spot that needed to be filled. I prayed about it. And even though I had absolutely no experience, I told the committee, if they trusted me I will give my best. You know the rest of the story!

Ladies, if you are contemplating whether to take an office when you are asked, please pray for God’s guidance. You will find tremendous support from your team. These team members have United Methodist Women attitude: helpful, loving, kind and supportive. You will develop a great comradery and have fun as you work together.

Thank you team as I say good-bye. I will miss each and every one of you. My thanks to district secretaries and presidents for their help. I cannot possibly leave without offering my special thanks to Alberta, our conference president, for her kindness, understanding and tremendous support to me during our working together these past four years.

Merry Christmas to you all and God bless,
Suvasini McCormick, secretary

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