by Rev. Dan Morley, North District Superintendent

Since John Wesley began a movement which came to be known as the Methodist Church, connecting has been a value, a practice, and a part of the fabric of the organization. Through the years, The United Methodist Church has created a structure to keep the connection strong.

The committees or ministry teams of the General Church were mirrored in the Jurisdictions, the Conferences, the Districts, and the Local Churches. The communication and ideas moved through these teams which were connected one to another. The General agencies offered resources to the layers of ministry teams across the structure. This process and way of structuring and being the church has been effective for many years, however, it is increasingly becoming less effective.

We no longer practice the scale of mirrored echo of committees, agencies, and teams across the connection. This might result in a lack of connection between the many parts, unless each part intentionally seeks to connect. If we do not, then we will continue to migrate toward an increasingly separate and independent style of ministry and we will surrender one of our major points of vitality, connecting one to another and thereby increasing effectiveness in ministry.

Our 2022 North District Leadership Conference is designed to encourage a practical and intentional connectionalism. Our presenters will guide us through a process of discovery and practice as participants engage in conversation and activities which create the connection. We will be intentional about creating cross connections, not by creating structure, but by networking in more organic ways which reflect the context of the ministry and the unique giftedness of individuals.

Everyone across our North District churches is invited to come to share ministry ideas, possibilities, and initiatives. As we shape our Great Connection, the ministries in our church, and neighborhoods, and across the globe will thrive in sharing the transforming love and grace of Jesus Christ.

You have the opportunity to attend one of three North District Leadership Conferences. Click here to learn more about the Leadership Conferences and register for one in your area.

In Christ’s Service,

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Author: Dan Morley

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