Happy New Year to All!
What a whirlwind these past 10 weeks have been for me. I have enjoyed many moments with family enjoying some traditional family favorites. (Saran ball game, cookie decorating, and delicious food that I did not have to cook!) I have had some serious moments as well as I have found myself learning to live with long Covid cardiac syndrome.

When I pursued my distance training from National the exciting news of changes and “rebranding” of our United Methodist Women struck me in an unexpected way. I chuckled, as I truly felt while reading it that I am “rebranding” myself as well. These new physical limitations and routines to keep me healthy are slowly becoming easier each day. I have been thankful for the support from family and friends to help me along the way. I am also thankful for all the meetings, thoughts, prayers, discussions, and innovative ideas that women have been working on so hard to make positive changes. These changes will allow us to be more inclusive, to build programs more attainable for all, to invite younger women’s ideas and many more positive steps for United Methodist Women. And to compare again, I am grateful for the careful care of my doctors, for procedures and tests that will make my life easier as time goes on. In my “rebranding” I am having to accept limitations and look for new ways to do things I enjoy. I can do this with God’s help for sure. We women can do the same with our program planning for this year…seeking God’s help.

What things do you really like about our United Methodist Women program? What do you pass on to your friends or ladies who are not yet connected with your unit? What makes you jump into action with a passion to make change? These are all questions each of us should answer now at the start of 2022 and share, chat, talk, invite, and fill other hearts with the same feelings of joy and satisfaction we have for United Methodist Women.

I am reading all the programs in the new Healing and Joy on our Journey to God program resource book. I want to know what is coming, what to share, and what I can do to make programs interesting and timely for all. I want to be more inclusive and intentional in all that we do. I am ready to embrace change. It is important; it is needed.

This prayer idea for January 2022 I will share with you: “Before the gathering begins, take a moment to pray for yourself and your leadership, for everyone who will be present, and for everyone who you hope will be impacted by the Ministry of your women’s group over the next year that God might be with you in this hour.” (From Program Resource pg. 35)

It is time to jump into 2022 with a fresh new wineskin ready to be filled with the wine of your ideas. Each of you have passions, recognize needs of others, and realize the importance of sharing with others. What better time to start then right now! I pray your year is filled with joy and new promises.

Cyndi Heinecke, vice president

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Author: United Women in Faith Communications

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