Happy New Year! Tis the season of resolutions and mantras. As I put my holiday decorations and gifts away, it struck me that my friend teaches me with the gifts she sends. She uses eco-friendly packaging and products. I, in turn, can do the same. Some of the gifts she has given me over the years have included:

Peace of Nature products (shower steamer, vegan coconut milk soaps), Bai-li natural deodorant, eco-roots laundry detergent sheets, and re-usable produce bags…..animal and/environmentally friendly.

As we set (or don’t set) new year’s resolutions, we, United Methodist Women members, are tasked with working towards climate justice and eliminating the school to prison pipeline. One way we can help is by using eco-friendly products and educating others about them. Consider resolving to send eco-friendly gifts to others during 2022.

Maria Hase, social action coordinator

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