Wesley Community and Health Centers in response

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Wesley Community and Health Centers began as a small community center in south central Phoenix as a mission institution of the Methodist church (which became The United Methodist Church in 1968.) From that small beginning, we now find three campuses all working to provide a holistic approach to well-being. Betty Mathis, who passed away in August 2021, was a long time executive director and she fostered a deep connection between Wesley and United Methodist Women. As a Wesley Board Member, I encourage you to read the article, https://www.unitedmethodistwomen.org/news/bringing-light-to-the-journey, in January/February 2022 response magazine in which Bev Secrist and Carla Whitmire talk about their connections with Wesley. I also encourage you as individuals and as local units to support Wesley as volunteers (when Covid allows it) and also financially. You will probably be amazed at how Wesley has continued its work and expanded its outreach even in the midst of the pandemic.

Alberta Farnsworth, DSC Lay Leader and Wesley Board Member

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Author: United Women in Faith Communications

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