Spiritual Disciplines -How is it With Your Soul?

by | Jan 24, 2022 | Board of Lay Ministry, Conference Newsletter

By Alberta Farnsworth, Desert Southwest Conference Lay Leader

My scripture reading this morning was Exodus 28:1 – 30:38. Lots of specific instructions on clothing for the priests and duties of the priests. I’ve read this before and, I admit, I rushed right through it because it isn’t that interesting. But this time, I am following the plan in The Bible Year Devotional by Magrey R. Devega, and the devotional notes suggested that while this scripture does seem tedious, it reminds us that God is pleased by consistency in spiritual disciplines. The seven disciplines suggested are worship, small groups, service, giving financially, reading Scripture, inviting others, and prayer. Looking at the list, I am struck by how difficult some of these disciplines have been the past two years.  We, as individuals and as a church, have had to adjust our thinking on how we worship, how we contribute financially, how we give service, and ways to invite others. Reading Scripture and prayer seemed to me to be the only two that have not had to change. When I thought a little more about it, I realized that even those have changed to be more individually focused and less community-centered. The devotional ended with, “Which ones do you need to improve on?” Ouch – I think I need to work on all seven! How about you?

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Author: Alberta Farnsworth

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