Engaging the Great Connection – Video Modules for Learning

by | Feb 28, 2022 | North District Notes, Conference Newsletter, North District Web Page

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by Rev. Dan Morley, North District Superintendent

Discover ways to put our United Methodist connection to work. Our Great Connection Guide offers four modules for individuals, ministry teams, or small groups to explore the assets of what we name as connectionalism.

The Guide begins with a scripture exploration of the first chapter of Colossians. The early church gained momentum and vitality as it expanded as a connected network from community to community.

In Module 2, Bishop Grant Hagiya teaches about the value and purpose of United Methodist connectionalism. He quotes the Book of Discipline paragraph 132, “Connectionalism in the United Methodist tradition is multi-leveled, global in scope, local in thrust…a vital web of interactive relationships.”

The North District Lay Leader Team inspires us in Module 3 by sharing a sampling of local church ministries. In their presentation, Dave Kopecky and Kari Butchko challenge us to partner with and learn from one another to enhance and expand ministries.

The 4th Module is offered by Cat Holbert, Executive Director of the Desert Southwest Camping and Retreat Ministries. Cat works through the cycles and phases in the life of a team. Learn how any team can be more effective and vital.

Each module gives conversation and activity points for an individual or team to engage as a way to activate the Great Connection. Click here to download the guide.

Connecting in Christ,

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Author: Dan Morley

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