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Do you enjoy having opportunities to grow as a leader and to learn from other leaders? Do you find it enriching to share leadership ideas, concepts, and inspiration with others?

Opportunities are available to anyone in the Desert Southwest Conference interested in learning through a focused discussion of mixed media leadership resources, such as books, videos, podcasts, webinars, etc. Leadership is explored from various perspectives, including resources that look at leadership from more than one cultural lens.

A number of 1 1/2-hour, virtual evening conversations are offered this year.

This month’s event Leading Local Church Committees/Herding Cats presented by Mr. Daniel V. Boring, a lifelong Methodist and active member at Vista de la Montana UMC, is based on his over 50 years of hands-on experience leading both large and small Methodist church groups.

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  • B.S. Social Science / Sociology – NW Missouri State University
  • M.S. Forensic Science – George Washington University
  • Post Graduate Studies in Public Administration – Virginia Tech


  • 6 Years Service as an Officer with the United States Marine Corps
  • 36 years in Law Enforcement, promoted through the ranks, with 18 years as Chief of Police in three different communities.
  • 32 Years as the Senior Assessor for the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies – worked with more than 80 agencies nationwide ranging in size from fifteen sworn officers to more than five thousand.
  • Served on multiple occasions as an “expert witness” in legal cases involving matters related to police administration, policy, and procedures.
  • Served on multiple occasions as an interim county manager / city manager in several communities as well as serving as an elected member of a city council.

Most Unusual Experience – Following the accidental death of three contract workers at a large municipal waste water treatment plant, and the subsequent dismissal of the Department Director, led the Department of Environmental Services ( water supply, wastewater treatment, trash collection, recycling, etc. ) through a period of recovery and reorganization. Imagine putting a cop in charge of the environment.

*** Life long Methodist and descendent of George Whitfield, but who doesn’t preach and can’t sing a note.

The presenters and facilitators of these discussions may include recognized Desert Southwest Conference leaders, authors, and creators of the media being discussed and, as well as members of the CLLD Team. We hope you decide to try out any of the resources we have prepared for you, and join others interested in the same conversations!

Questions about this series may go to Judy Martin at stilljudymartin@gmail.com or Rev. Javier Olivares at jolivares@dscumc.org.

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Author: Carla Whitmire

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