Spring in the Desert

by | Mar 31, 2022 | Board of Lay Ministry, Conference Newsletter

By Alberta Farnsworth, DSC Lay Leader

I know spring is arriving when my nose begins running. My eyes itch and I sneeze a few times each morning! Each spring I hope for a beautiful wildflower bloom, but I am never sure exactly when or even if it will happen. Experts tell us it depends on the winter rains, when or even if they happen (and I can’t remember for sure if they did happen – I guess you have to keep physical records and not rely on your memory!). In other parts of the country, residents can count on April showers, but here in the desert we are grateful for any moisture and get excited for rain any time of the year.

Global warming experts remind us that weather patterns are changing, and we need to be mindful of ways that humans are not taking care of God’s creation in the best possible way. Currently, I am wishing that our power companies will find ways to use more wind power as well as solar power to generate our electricity, but I am mindful that storage batteries present many problems with safe disposal, so I know these are not perfect solutions.

The war in Ukraine has made nuclear power generation an issue. One destroyed plant could have consequences both immediate and long-term as shown following the 1986 accident in Chernobyl (also located in Ukraine). Many safety measures have been put into effect in all nuclear power plants since then because of that accident. Historically, humans have shown the capability to solve these kinds of problems and I am confident that, with God’s help, a safe method of power production will evolve.

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Author: Alberta Farnsworth

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