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by | Apr 15, 2022 | UMW-Conference-Mailchimp

by  Caroline Kidd, program resources coordinator

As we move through the spring of the year, I sincerely hope that you are taking advantage of all that our resources for growth and a deepening faith are providing us as United Women in Faith.

The Reading Program offers a plethora of books that I have found interesting and mind stretching. There is always a nice variety in the five categories in which the books are divided.

One Dress, One Year by Bethany Winz (Education for Mission), One Girl’s Stand Against Human Trafficking is an eye-opening, true life accounting of a 16-year old girl’s experience of turning passion into action. Bethany begins her experiment by wearing the same black dress every day for a year. She does this to live out what a person in slavery would face every day. Realizing how limited anyone is who is kept under the burden of having no choices, she became a living reminder. She was glad to tell the reason for her seemingly odd decision to bring to light the issue of slavery and to raise funds.

A biography, My Little Golden Book About Ruth Bader Ginsburg by Shana Corey (Leadership Development) tells the remarkable and inspiring story of the life of a Supreme Court justice who overcame discrimination because she was a woman and a Jew. She used her extraordinary intelligence to become a distinguished voice for equality and justice.

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Author: United Women in Faith Communications

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