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WASHINGTON, D.C. — The Council of Bishops of The United Methodist Church is requesting a declaratory decision from the Judicial Council on the meaning and application of Paragraph 2548.2 in the Book of Discipline.

During a special meeting COB held May 12, 2022, via Zoom to discuss the recent Judicial Council decision, the bishops approved a request to ask the church’s top court to address eight questions relating to the Paragraph 2548.2.

“We are convinced that making this request for a declaratory decision will provide the clarity we need concerning a disciplinary paragraph that is very ambiguous and open for misinterpretation. Our intention is to seek clear direction concerning the processes that can be best used to facilitate appropriate, orderly, and amicable disaffiliations even as we continue to pray and work for the unity of the church,” said COB President Bishop Thomas J. Bickerton.

The request will be filed with the Judicial Council next week.

Rev. Dr. Maidstone Mulenga
Director of Communications
Council of Bishops
The United Methodist Church
110 Maryland Ave. NE  # 301
Washington , D.C. 20002
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