Assembly 2022 takes place May 20-22. You are invited to Tune in to United Women in Faith’s social media channels for news and photos and to uwfaith/org/news/blog for daily news! If you’re attending Assembly, be sure to check your inboxes each morning for your response magazine daily e-newsletter.

Next up – Spread the news throughout your community to take advantage of a wonderful opportunity for a Biblical Exploration of the Gospel of Luke chapter 13. Our Mission U study by Candace Simpson Who Can We Be Together? I hope to see you there in June or July. To learn more information: https://dscumc.org/uwfaith/mission-u/.

Our legacy forward assurance.

Something New – All-Access Membership! In addition to joining a local group, women can now join United Women in Faith at a national level, a way to join the work, learn more and grow into the sisterhood. Most important if you are already a member you are requested to update your information and interest preferences. Learn more: https://uwfaith.org/all-access-membership/.

Gracie Campbell, president
United Women in Faith
Desert Southwest Conference

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Author: United Women in Faith Communications

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