Winds of Change…What can you hear?

by | May 17, 2022 | West District Web Page, West District Lay Leader(s) Blog, West District Newsletter

by Jeannie Ward, West District Lay Leader

As I am preparing this article, the wind is wildly whipping around our home, so I, purposely, have avoided going outside…even though I know that the bird bath and bird feeders need to be refilled!

How often do many of us avoid ‘going out’ because we aren’t certain which way the wind of the day will affect us? How often do we avoid ‘listening’ for God’s voice guiding us? Sometimes His voice is just a whisper…but, when we are still and trusting, then His words can come to us as a loud command.

From my Prayer Bible: Isaiah 30:21 NLT we read these words:

“…and you will hear a voice say, “This is the way; turn around and walk here.”

It seems that if we truly ‘listen’ for God’s guidance – if we are ‘still and trust Him’ – we will be led in the best possible direction – or, to the best possible decision in our time of indecision.

Psalm 46:10 NIV: “Be still and know that I am God…”

Sending prayers of Grace and Peace to you all.

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Author: Jeannie Ward

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