by June Hanson, treasurer, United Women in Faith

Question: Who is the most important one in this great organization now called United Women in Faith?
Answer: The Individual Unit Member! You make up the grassroots with your commitment, sisterhood, faith, hope, and love in action. Please remember all the ways you make this a greater mission for Christ. That includes your prayers, presence, donations, and pledges.

Question: What kind of fund-raiser is your unit planning this year?
Answer: Let me know your ideas at dscumwomen@gmail.com. Watch for your answers in next month’s Southwest Winds.

Question: Can we still use the Gift to Mission and Gift in Memory cards!
Answer: Yes. When I send mine, I add the words “doing business as United Women in Faith” after the words “United Methodist Women.” Hope you continue to use them as well …

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Author: United Women in Faith Communications

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