What is your passion?

by | Aug 11, 2022 | West District Lay Leader(s) Blog, West District Web Page


As I was preparing for the sermon I’ll deliver on Sunday, the 14th, I was struck by Luke 12:49, “I have come to bring fire to the earth, how I wish it were already kindled!” Fire can be both destructive and beneficial, it burns trees and brush, but that fire also allows for new growth. Fire burns off impurities in metal but strengthens steel. However, I read these words as a plea for the kindling of passion for the work of God.

How does passion look for you? Are you passionate about some political party or candidate spending time and money to have they elected? Are you passionate about a sports team and watching them play every chance you have, even if that missing a Sunday service? Are you passionate about a hobby and spend too much money and time on it? Are you passionate about a book and reading it when the work piles around you? What is your passion?

Jesus implores us to become passionate, then kindle the fire of passion for his work, his politics, his sports team, his hobbies, and his book.

It is hot in Yuma but not as hot as the burning passion needed to bring the kingdom of God to earth. Where does your passion lay?

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Author: Sandrea Kerr

Sandy is a member of Gila Mountain UMC in Yuma, a Certified Lay Minister serving as Lay Leader and Associate District Lay Leader for the West District.
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