“Questioning the Death Penalty” Reboot

by | Aug 29, 2022 | DSC Stories, Prison Reform/Death Penalty Task Force

The DSC Prison Reform/Death Penalty Task Force hosted the “Questioning the Death Penalty” video series earlier this year, but we need to keep the discussion going!  The death penalty continues to be an urgent issue as Arizona rushes toward its third execution this year, and Oklahoma has already executed the first of 25 death row inmates it plans to put to death through 2024.

We encourage churches, justice committees, and other groups to use this video series to continue questioning the death penalty. The series features Sr. Helen Prejean, anti-death penalty activist and author of “Dead Man Walking.” All five sessions are available for viewing on the Prison Reform/Death Penalty Task Force page of the Desert Southwest Conference website at https://dscumc.org/committee/prison-reform-death-penalty-taskforce/. Members of the Task Force are also available to assist in presenting the series and facilitating discussions, providing resource materials, and offering support however we can. Contact Task Force Chair Paul Bullis, at bullisaz@yahoo.com, with any questions.

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Author: Paul Bullis

Paul is the Desert Southwest Conference Chair of the Prison/Death Penalty Reform Task Force, a subgroup of the Desert Southwest Conference Board of Church & Society.
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