Wondering what cultural competency training is like?

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Conference Newsletter, DSC Stories, Religion and Race

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Cultural Competency Training

Cultural Competency Training at Prescott Valley. Photos by Rev. Amanda Corella

The cultural competency training on Saturday, August 27, 2022, at Prescott Valley UMC was very successful.

Firstly, compliments to our two trainers: Pastor Efrain Zavala, Associate Pastor serving at Prescott UMC, and Pastor Gina Pollard, serving at City Square UMF, Phoenix; also, serving Primera Iglesia Metodista Unida and Hope at the Center LLC.

Both of the trainers were personable, knowledgeable, and very cognizant of recognizing anyone with comments or questions. They definitely used humor when appropriate…which helped to relax the attendees. We were all attending, not quite knowing what to expect.

The 15 attendees from three of the Mingus Cluster churches (Prescott Valley UMC, Prescott UMC, and Chino Valley UMC) were attentive and responded when they were asked to comment or if they had any questions regarding the topic that was being discussed at that point.

The training was a very successful session, and less confrontational than some may have expected. Encouraging leaders in attendance to relay the strong points of this training back to their congregation and, possibly, to their friends and family. The PowerPoint presentation was also helpful. It kept the topic in front of everyone while being discussed.

Editor’s Note: Do you have it in you to become a trainer? Register for the Train-the-trainer session on November 17-19, “Counteracting Bias: Seeing People as They Are” at https://dscumc.org/event/cultural-competency-train-the-trainer-part-2-bias. Being a trainer for Part 1 is not required to become a trainer for Part 2: Bias. If you are thinking about it or want to know more before you register, contact Rev. Khalif Smith.

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Author: Jeannie Ward

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