October 19 webinar for rethinking your church space

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Conference Newsletter, New Faith Communities, Vital Faith Communities

Taking the next steps

We are in a very difficult time in the United Methodist Church wherein our previous methods for attracting new congregants, growing our congregations, and impacting our neighborhoods are, in most contexts, no longer working. But there is a new way.

Many congregations who once thrived in their context and experienced consistent growth in the mid-20th century now feel saddled with the costs of maintaining large campuses without much prospect of growing their income through worship attendance and offering. Many of these congregations have developed a scarcity mindset: trimming staff committed to age-level discipleship programs, deferring much-needed maintenance on the physical plant, and reducing building use.

If this sounds like your church, watch the Church Cartographers webinar and fill out the waitlist form to be in a cohort.

Church Cartographers help congregations create new pathways to relevancy in their mission field. They work with your clergy, staff, and congregational leaders to maximize the use of your space, create strategic partnerships within your mission field, adjust leadership structures for effectiveness & nimbleness, and assess the public-facing portions of communications, including discipleship for your congregants and outreach & evangelism with and for your neighbors.

God is always up to something new and extraordinary.

God will challenge us in our understanding of our role in the Gospel, call us out of our comfort and rituals into conversations with folks who will help us expand our notions of congregational health. We must be deeply committed to contextual ministry and embrace the work of the Holy Spirit through our faith communities so that people’s lives intersect more than just on Sunday mornings in the hallways and pews of the church building. Learn more about taking the next steps with Church Cartographers by watching the White Rock UMC story below. Then click here to download the next steps document.

This event is sponsored by DSC New & Vital Faith Ministries. Please contact Lori Davalos at ldavalaos@dscumc.org if you have questions about the event.

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