MEETING MINUTES: Church and Society

by | Sep 21, 2022 | Church and Society

  • Attending: Meredith Joubert, David Harriss, Paul Bullis, Chris Spencer, Billie Fidlin and Gerry Hills, Chair
  • Paul opened the meeting with a prayer.
  • Gerry asked if there were any new chairs on the task forces. Billie reported that there were none.
  • Billie reminded the group that budgets were due soon and suggested requesting $1000 for each of the task forces.
  • Paul updated the group on the Death Penalty program series. The programs originally held last spring are being repackaged and posted on the Conference’s YouTube channel and website. This issue continues to be urgent since Arizona AG is pushing executions and there are 20 people who have exhausted all their appeals. They will be promoting the series for churches to use.
  • Meredith reported that The Inn in Tuscon had received funding through Pima County and some pressure had been taken off of private donations. The “hotel model” is now fully implemented near the Tuscon airport. The Inn continues to need donations of men’s pants.
  • Gerry reported that the GV Task Force would be presenting a Guns Across America program in Las Vegas in November.
  • The committee discussed a possible planning retreat to be held in early 2023. Dates and locations will be discussed at upcoming meetings.
  • Gerry proposed developing a series of education sessions based on the Social Principles. It seems as if many churches and members are familiar with UMC positions on justice issues. Church & Society need to address people’s reluctance to engage in justice work. Different sections would be assigned 1-2 of the task forces to plan. The group supported the idea and asked Billie and Gerry to outline the 5 principles and possible task force assignments. Programs, formats, and details could be worked on during the retreat. Gerry will reach out to the task force chairs not present to get feedback on the idea.

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