Green Team Eco-Tips for November

by | Oct 24, 2022 | Earth Care, Conference Newsletter

Plastic Containers

Your Desert Southwest Conference Earth Care team will be providing you with a short tip each month to help address things we can do to care for environmental justice. Here is this month’s tip.

NPR reported a study showing phthalates likely contributed to 100,000 premature deaths. This is a category of chemicals found in food packaging, cleaning products, cosmetics, many plastics, and children’s toys. Often called “everywhere chemicals,” they’re associated with obesity, cancer, asthma, and more. It’s not required to be listed on ingredients, but look for products labeled “no phthalates.” If you do have plastic food containers, at least keep them out of the microwave and dishwasher. Once again, proof that in protecting our environment, we protect our own health!

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Author: Kate Kosse

Member of the DSC Earth Care Task Force
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