Western Jurisdiction Update

Communicators from across the West will be working as a team to inform and update church members as The Western Jurisdiction gathers next week, November 2-5, in Salt Lake City, Utah. Building on their past coalition and strong shared values for transparency in messaging and inclusion for all in the church, the team will work to share updates as delegates mark significant transitions, consider legislation, and elect three new episcopal leaders to serve The United Methodist Church.

Subscribers of Desert Southwest Conference newsletters will automatically receive the “Western Jurisdiction Update” next week, a newsletter focused on the event and its actions. Through the Western Jurisdiction Update, we’ll provide you with a daily summary of the significant actions. For those seeking more immediate news, please follow the Western Jurisdiction’s Facebook and Twitter channels for breaking information and conversation. The hashtag for the gathering will be #wjumc. #UMCElections is also being used by jurisdictions holding elections across the Church. 

A live stream of the jurisdictional conference and an overview agenda can be found on the Western Jurisdiction’s website. News updates will also be published on the WJ website and can be found in the news section. Earlier this month, we published an overview of the election process for those interested in understanding this part of the jurisdiction’s work. 

Finally, please keep all the delegates and all those traveling to Salt Lake City in your prayers. In particular, lift up the 32 individuals who have put themselves forward as candidates for the episcopacy – including Rev. Dottie Escobedo-Frank and Rev. Anthony Tang from the Desert Southwest Conference. Discernment is often difficult work, especially when done in public, and the process requires a significant investment of their time.  Likewise, our Desert Southwest Conference delegation: Rev. Dan Hurlbert, Paul Gomez, Rev. Anthony Tang, Julie O’Neal, Trinity Donovan, Rev. Beth Rambikur, Carla Whitmire, Rev. Dee Dee Azhikakath, Rev. Mary Klaehn, Jessica Brown, Matthew Harris, Rev. Javier Olivares, and Rev. Timote Piukala have been on a long journey of meetings, an incredible amount of study and discernment, in addition to their regular jobs and ministry.

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Author: Christina Dillabough

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