MEETING MINUTES: Clergy and Lay Leadership Development from November 9, 2022

by | Nov 14, 2022 | Clergy and Lay Leadership Development

  • Reviewed Committee detail file
  • Revised purpose statement
  • Reviewed leadership development progress

Attendance: Judy Martin (cell: 602.329.9935), Deborah Williams, Jeannie Ward, Joyce Trevolt, Javier Olivares, Kimulet Winzer, Alberta Farnsworth, Carl Peterson, Khalif Smith, Michael Edwards, Ken Zebal, Kristin Hansen, Luis Nazario

Devotion – Michael Edwards

Minutes of 09.14.2022 – motioned to approve minutes – approved by a show of hands

Resignation of Sarah Stamer due to work conflict – sorry to see her leave

2023 meeting dates/schedule – Judy to send out a schedule of dates and times. Requesting sign-up of when you would like to do devotions. Please respond to July.

2023 Budget – $1k – CLLDL does not have a need to use this money. But it is here if needed.

New Nominations review and vote – Changes of people coming on or going off a committee. There is no one who needs a vote currently.

Committee Detail-Committee Changes – Question asked if there are any gaping holes that need to be filled? One critical committee needs more people.

How to find people? Discussion was held on posting a classified on the website for people interested in joining a committee. Any committee that is not fully staffed the liaison for the committee should write and submit a request for people to join their committee to Judy. She will send it to Christina to post in the Weekly/monthly digest. All are in agreement.

Lay Leaders were asked to mention the openings for conference committees at the close of the church conference.

Please check in basecamp for Team Assignments for committees that are not staffed, need positions.

Clean up the duplicate and expiring service – Discussion held on expiring service for non-conference committee members. 8-year service time is for the conference committee. Rule change may be looked at during a later date.

Do we have a backup for all the work Judy has done? Yes.

Liaison needs to contact the chair of the committee to see if the person is on the committee. If the individual is on two committees, then they will be asked to choose.

Add Kristin Hansen and Luis Nazario to Shelby Arena and basecamp.

Website: Clean-up is still in progress. Dscumc.org – Discussion held on what is on the site. Discussed the classified and where it should be posted.

Committee Detail and the minutes of the CLLD meeting will be posted on the website each month.

Shelby Arena is tabled for this month. Looking toward February.

Team Assignment – made progress but continues to work on it. If need help, contact Judy.

Committee Detail – 51 conference committees: Taskforces, 3 Exempt, and 24 conference committee district Committees

CLLD Purpose Statement – Concurrent that this is what we want to be published for our purpose statement. The discussion was held last month.)

The CLLD has two main purposes:

  1. Foster DSC Leadership Practices
  2. Develop Annual Conference Nominations
  • With active support from the Bishop and cabinet, the CLLD team develops a sound leadership culture for DSC clergy and lay leaders by offering a variety of leadership tools and resources. Additionally, this team facilitates the DSC nominations process, end-to-end, which leads up to presenting nominations at the annual conference.
  • Change: Spell out the acronym the first time it appears.

Leadership Development: 2 copies of the resource list handed out to the pastor at the church conference. Upcoming talks. Nov. talk is scheduled for Monday, 14th. No talk in December. 2023 January, February, and March have been scheduled 2nd Monday of the month.

Zoom was logged out.

Cheryl will be leaving, and the Leadership Development committee needs additional members. They meet on the 1st and 3rd Friday at 8 am. The welcome mat is out if you want to help.

Bishop Carlo – may have a different vision and purpose. Judy and DS Javier to meet with him and update him on CLLD work.

January 4, 2023, 3:00-5:00 PM

Lost most of the members due to late time.

1 hr and 38 minutes.

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Author: Joyce Trevolt

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