MEETING MINUTES: Spiritual Formation on November 14, 2022

by | Nov 16, 2022 | Spiritual Formation Team Meeting Minutes

Written by Rev. Michael Wilkerson

Date: Monday, November 14th, 2022, 11:30 – 12:35 am

Location: Virtual

Summary: The committee discussed plans for the 2023 5-Day Academy for Spiritual Formation, updates to communication media, and future projects.  The future projects include Annual Conference activities, a writing retreat, coordinating spiritual formation presentations, and connecting spiritual formation resources across the Annual Conference. The committee will reconvene December 12th to finalize the budget and outline implementation strategies for the projects.


  • Karen Conde
  • Alberta Farnsworth
  • Jerry Haas
  • Arvilla Jungman
  • Melissa Rynders
  • Kathy Schock,
  • Michael Wilkerson

Devotional (Kathy)

Upcoming 5-Day Academy for Spiritual Formation (15 min.) (Jerry)

  • Reviewed format of 5-Day Academy for Spiritual Formation.
  • Discussed plans for the 2023 session.
    • Currently planning to try an immersion experience as part of the 5-day event.
  • Discussed requested support
    • Website and social media announcements
    • Report to Conference
    • Participation by committee members
    • Funding – confirmed 2022 and 2023 Spiritual Formation Committee budgets include $2,000 commitment toward 5-Day Academy each year.

Reviewed the new website and improvement to communication (10 min.) (Michael)

  • Presented updated version of the website to the team.
  • Reviewed list of website requests made in October meeting:
    • Offer emails targeted to the Spiritual Formation Committee.
      • New page has a button which allows signup for the committee newsletter
    • Advertise books from Upper Room or other resources.
      • Site has a “Resources“ section which can have links to Upper Room or other resources.
    • Ensure updates are prompt.
      • Updates will be managed by committee chair (Michael) working with communications staff
    • Collaborate with reconciling ministries
      • Minutes to all the meetings will be posted to the website and copies will be sent to all chairs of the other conference committees.
  • Suggestion was made to request posting of advent retreat “Hope in a Time of Despair” on “Board of Ordained Ministry” and “Asylum, Refugee, and Immigration Committee“ websites.
  • Karen Conde offered to coordinate Facebook post information to the Conference Facebook page.

Discussed future project ideas and identified team leads for those activities (15 min.) (Michael)

  • Annual Conference activities (e.g., morning watches, labyrinth activities, and break activities during sessions)
    • Team lead will be Kathy Schock
  • Writing retreat (e.g., a 24-hour spiritual writing retreat)
    • Team lead will be Jerry Haas
    • Targeting 2024 timeframe
  • Guest Speakers (invite well-known leaders in spiritual formation to give presentations in Conference settings)
    • Team lead will be Michael Wilkerson
  • Connecting Resources (develop a process to collect spiritual formation opportunities going on within the conference as well as in the local communities that would be relevant to a conference. -wide audience)
    • Team lead will be Michael Wilkerson

Budget Review (10 min) (Michael)

  • Reviewed the conference budget for the Spiritual Formation Committee.
  • Discussed possibilities of reallocating 2023 budget and requesting changes to 2024 budget.
  • Deadline for these changes is December 12th.

Scheduled Next Meeting (5 min.) (Michael)

  • Next meeting is scheduled for Monday, December 12th, 11:30 AM online.

Closing prayer was offered by Karen Conde.

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