Ukranian Support Dollars – Your Current Donations Are On Their Way!

by | Nov 22, 2022 | Conference Newsletter, Global Ministries

Prayers for Ukraine

One of the things I love most about the United Methodist denomination is our canon of “connectionalism.” We do care. We do pull together to help so many in so many ways. Truly this is one of our many strengths! Together with God we achieve miracles!

Our own Conference response to helping Ukraine continues to be strong, and, combined with donations from around the country, we are having blessed impact. The need for donations will continue for the foreseeable future. In meetings with Ukrainian church leadership, we hear their plea to remember them, to pray for them. This is far from over, and when the bombs stop, the rebuilding will take so many years. As you are aware, there is complete devastation in so many cities and areas throughout the country. The cost to the heart and the infrastructure is nearly overwhelming. Yet, the strength of God’s church perseveres even in the face of such difficulty and pain.

I recently received the following information from Rev. Mel Munchinsky. You will recall that Mel, who is a retired Desert Southwest clergy, leads this effort for our denomination. 

“Contributions sent to Advance # 14053A are constantly being used since it is a “pass-through” account. Requests can be made by the Ukrainian Treasurer as needs arise. Today, I received notice that $50,000 was released to be used as follows:$ 20,000 for refugee camps, $15,000 for salaries, and $15,000 for heating for all UMC churches in Ukraine. Another $8,500 was released for purchase of generators for refugee camps since the energy infrastructure has been damaged by Russian bombing. For all who have contributed towards this advance, “Thank you!” Unless things change dramatically, it will be a long winter.” 

(November 22, 2022)

Thank you one and all for your donations. May our prayers and support continue. Blessings to one and all in this season of Fall Harvest and gratitude. 

*Donations can be made to Advance #114053A. The link is https://umcmission.org/advance-project/14053a/.

Editor’s Note: In case you missed it, the original call for support was published at https://dscumc.org/blog/2022/10/17/november-6th-day-of-prayer-for-ukraine/ and includes resources like the video message from the Ukraine clergy that churches can use for mission moments.

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Author: Billie K. Fidlin

Billie K. Fidlin is the Director of Outreach & Justice for the Desert Southwest Conference. She is a graduate of Western Michigan University and attended Claremont School of Theology for religious studies. Ms. Fidlin currently serves as the President of the Arizona Faith Network in her second term. She is President & Founder of Whisper n Thunder Inc., and sits on various boards including the Justa Center and the Phoenix Police Department's Faith Advisory Council. Her awards include the UM Foundation for Evangelism 2004 Distinguished Evangelist; 2016 Church Women United / United Nations Human Rights Award; 2018 Servant Leader Award AZ Faith Network; 2022 Southern Poverty Law Center Certificate of Recognition; and 2022-23 Class of Who's Who in America.
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