Bishop Carlo’s #PrayerRun Week 1 Recap

by | Dec 7, 2022 | Bishop Carlo's Blog, Conference Newsletter, Not In USe

Bishop Carlo Rapanut on a prayer run

My prayer journey and countdown has begun! If you are the praying type, would you accompany me in prayer? If you run, bike, swim, walk or hike, log those miles with me and share a comment on my daily posts. If you don’t have a clue what I’m talking about, read this: #PrayerRun on Facebook.

In the first week, I ran a total of 36.3 miles in prayer for the following ministries:

#PrayerRun Day 1

#prayerrun #ak2az Day 1: It’s always nice to be the first on the fresh snow! Did 6 miles praying for the 6 Extension Ministers of the Desert Southwest Conference serving as chaplains: 3 in hospitals, 1 in a correctional complex, 1 in the Navy and 1 in the Army. #aumc2dsc #anc2phx #reflectionsofarunningreverend

#PrayerRun Day 1 by Bishop Carlo A. Rapanut

#PrayerRun Day 2 and 3

#prayerrun #ak2az Day 2 & 3: Yesterday was a travel day for me so I didn’t get a run in. This morning, I logged 7 miles praying for the 7 Desert Southwest Conference clergy serving in cross-conference settings: 2 in Great Plains & 1 each in Texas, Baltimore-Washington, West Ohio, New Mexico & North Texas. #aumc2dsc #anc2phx #reflectionsofarunningreverend

#PrayerRun Day 2 and 3 by Bishop Carlo A. Rapanut

#PrayerRun Day 4

#prayerrun #ak2az Day 4: 8ish mile run after worship and the rain in prayer for the 5 deacons and 3 deaconesses & home missioners of the Desert Southwest Conference who are in a variety of ministry settings within and outside local churches. And if you need a special prayer today, claim the “ish” mile for yourself. For no concern and prayer is too “ish” for God. #aumc2dsc #anc2phx #reflectionsofarunningreverend

#PrayerRun Day 4 by Bishop Carlo A. Rapanut

#PrayerRun Day 5

#prayerrun #ak2az Day 5: Ran 5 miles while praying for 5 clergy of the Desert Southwest Conference: 2 who are appointed to attend school and 3 who are serving in settings beyond ministries usually extended by the UMC and related institutions. #aumc2dsc #anc2phx #reflectionsofarunningreverend

#PrayerRun Day 5 by Bishop Carlo A. Rapanut

#PrayerRun Day 6

#prayerrun #ak2az Day 6: Prayed and ran 5 miles for clergy of the Desert Southwest Conference appointed to connectional structures of the UMC: 2 campus ministers, a Wesley Foundation director, a BOM registrar and one serving with Global Ministries in Honduras. #aumc2dsc #anc2phx #reflectionsofarunningreverend

#PrayerRun Day 6 by Bishop Carlo A. Rapanut

#PrayerRun Day 7

#prayerrun #ak2az Day 7: I rounded up the first week by running 5 miles praying for those serving on the Appointive Cabinet of the Desert Southwest Conference. I will be working with these 4 District Superintendents and the director New/Vital Faith very closely as extensions of my office as Bishop. I am excited to meet with them today as a group and in 1-1s while I’m here! #aumc2dsc #anc2phx #reflectionsofarunningreverend

#PrayerRun Day 7 by Bishop Carlo A. Rapanut

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Author: Bishop Carlo A. Rapanut

Elected Bishop on November 4, 2022.
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