MEETING MINUTES: Earth Care Task Force for Oct 27, 2022

by | Dec 13, 2022 | Earth Care

Attending: Billie Fidlin, Jeanne Festa, Ann Jarrell, Kate Kosse

We noted that the Creation Justice monthly tips will continue to post on the conference website. Kate will continue to send EcoTips to also post monthly. 

Wendy and Kate had written a short piece on what St Francis in the Foothills Green Team has done. There wasn’t any decision yet on where we will be submitting the reports from the churches on their ecological activities. Jeanne had also shared the list of movies for which her church has hosted viewings. 

We decided that each of us would take one district in the conference for which we will contact each church secretary to find a name and email contact ( or phone number if no email) for that church’s creation care activities if any. Billie said we could each find the churches listed by district on the conference website. 

  • Wendy: South
  • Kate: West
  • Jeanne: East
  • Ann: North

As we get the information for a few churches, send that to Jeanne, who will compile the list. Jeanne said she knows the Cochise County churches (South district) and will send what she has to Wendy. 

Ann noted that some churches are really struggling and had talked to one pastor choosing to not go in this creation care direction at this time. 

Our next meeting will be 1/19/23, at 1:00 PM.

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Author: Kate Kosse

Member of the DSC Earth Care Task Force
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