Reaching New People in New Ways

Is your church struggling to figure out what to do in our post-covid reality where church attendance and resources are declining?  Are you wondering how to reach new people in new ways?  Are you a pastor that is exhausted and looking for help? Are you a pastor looking for support and leadership from the laity?  Are you wondering what kinds of teams you need and why innovation is so hard for many of us right now?

If this sounds like you and you’d like the answers to any of these questions and more, join us in February for the Generative Leadership Academy!  There are two days that you can join the academy, so pick the date and time that works best for you and sign up today.

Option 1: North District: February 17-18, 2023 

Option 2:  East/West/South district March 24-25, 2023

The cost of either event is $100 for clergy, but for every lay person clergy brings from their local church, their registration cost goes down by $50. Clergy that brings two or more laity attend the training for free!  Please register together on one form to see the cost go down to nothing.

We will offer one meal on each day of the training along with light refreshments. There is no cost to laity who participate and childcare is free.

Questions about this event may be directed to Rev. Rachel Gilmore, Director of New and Vital Faith at rgilmore@dscumc.org, or to Lorena Davalos at ldavalos@dscumc.org.

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Author: Rev. Rachel Gilmore

Rachel is a church planter, author, and speaker who currently serves as the Director of New and Vital Faith for the Desert Southwest Annual Conference.
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