by | Jan 18, 2023 | Prison Reform/Death Penalty Task Force

Date: Tuesday, January 17, 2023
Time: 1:30 p.m.

Opening prayer – Paul

Introductions/Check-In – General talk


Death Penalty

  • Aaron Gunches’ request for execution – confessed. AG supported. Withdrew
    • AZ Supreme Court to consider
  • Nevada Board of Pardons – commutations of sentences for all death penalties.
    • New governor will reverse all “soft on crime” items.
  • Commutation/alternatives
    • Paul and Billie to strategize on what we can do in this area.
      • Exec board of clemency must weigh in – 2-3 years out for consideration?

Prison health care litigation update

  • Going on for years
  • Steps taken but state has failed to live up to the terms
  • Trial over the summer
    • Draft injunction issued
      • Terms, etc.
      • Very specific
      • Response due early February
      • Final injunction will come then

Re-entry – Tour of re-entry program when Dean was chairing committee

  • Chaplain in jail tasked with starting a re-entry program (1yr or less incarcerated). – Correctional Health Services
  • City of Phoenix has programs
  • Is there an effort to bring in business leaders (job sources)?
  • What’s the follow-up on any conference
  • Dove of the Desert is having a “re-entry simulation” Jan 28th.

Legislation – most legislation is out there.

  • I sent out info on how to sign up for commenting to the legislature.

Old business

  • Jan 26 – “Is Arizona’s Prison System working?” Questions as to our promoting this. Paradise Valley UMC.
  • Looking for reliable source of information on AZ legislation
    • AZ Legislation Alert – Bills, etc.
    • Paul will send information out

New issues/business

  • Patty to contact someone about sponsoring youth re-entry simulation program
  • Paul info on criminal justice issues.

Closing prayer – Jim

Meeting adjourned at 2:25pm

Next meeting: TBD

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Author: Rev. Jim Ek

Rev. James (Jim) D. Ek is a retired full elder of the Desert Southwest Conference.
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