MEETING MINUTES: Clergy and Lay Leadership Development for Jan 4, 2023

by | Jan 19, 2023 | Clergy and Lay Leadership Development

  • Approved documents:
    • CLLD Nomination Process
    • Candidate Vetting
    • Committee Detail 1-4-23
  • Reviewed updated website
  • Promoted District Leadership training

Team: Judy Martin (cell 602-329-9935), Trinity Donovan, Deborah Williams, Jeannie Ward, Joyce Trevolt, John Huie, Susan Bowers, Paul Browning, Javier Olivares, David James, Kimulet Winzer, Galene Boyett, Alberta Farnsworth, Court Fischer, Carl Peterson, Khalif Smith, Kari Cozine-Butchko, Dave Kopecky, Jonathan Hall, Michael Edwards, Ken Zebal, Kristin Hansen, Luis Nazario, Silvia Harris

  • Devotion – Jeannie Ward  1Thess. 5:18 – Gratitude
    • Volunteers for remainder year Susan will do devotions on Feb. 8th.  
    • Judy to send out an email to get persons to sign up for devotions.  
    • Cancel meeting on 2/22 as it is Ash Wednesday. 
    • The following meeting will be on April 5, 2023.
  • Approval of minutes (emailed 11/14/2022) Moved and second as written.  Approved.
  • Email from Bishop Carlo Rapanut Dec, 2nd email Excited to be here and working with us. He will be reaching out to the committees.
  • New Nominations review and vote – See files(will be loaded before the meeting) in Basecamp in folder Committee Detail – Committee Detail 1-4-23 and 1-4-23 Committee Changes –  Looking at the changes we need to vote on.  Question as to what their background is:  Barbara Fike: Teacher of History HS & College. Judy knows personally and attend same church.  Serves on a different committee with Judy.  Beth Ramibikur served at the jurisdictional level and worked with all or the items used in pension & Health Benefits.  No other questions.  Vote – Unanimous  
  • Why we do not vote for other people listed – CLLD does not vote for people who come off a committee, or someone who is added due to being a rep from another committee.  Nor do we vote for people on a taskforce.  
  • There are two Gary Simons in the conference – Gary Gene Simons is the member on Veterans Ministry Taskforce – both men are vets.
  •  Volunteers in Mission – Michael and Lorraine Eyer are stepping back at the end of the month.  Roxanna is in the South District – but not sure she is affiliated with the UMC. 
  • Sally West on rules committee – she passed away. Judy to update file on Rules Committee.  Position will be filled this Spring. 
  • Alberta is not listed on the lay servant committee. Judy to update.  Conference Lay Leader.
  •  Randy Bowman – remove from treasure.  Matthew Kuss was assistant treasurer and now the treasure of the conference.  Update. 
  • Also change the name of bishops and Dottie E. Frank – take off if listed.  Judy to make all the changes.

Duplicate and expiring service updates (file in Basecamp) Duplicate committees: Jim Truscott & Ian Oliver chose to come off one committee.  Linda Stanley – Judy waiting on reply as which committee she would like to serve on.    Judy will work with the Rep to get the committee back to full as someone goes off due to expiring service.

  • Website update – https://dscumc.org/committee/clergy-lay-leadership-development/
    • Posting of Committee Detail and meeting minutes View the web site and showed how to get to CLLD and view all the information we go over in our meetings.
    • Request everyone to review and comment on what’s included and placement  Look at the web site and see if anything else needs to be done.  Kudos to the web builders.  Jeannie – Home page – scroll to bottom – list of all committees and this will get you there faster to the list of committees.
  • (Still on hold for January’s meeting) ShelbyArena Database/platform in process & continued training (Shelby Arena document in Basecamp)
    • Everyone logged in?
    • Confirm your committee’s members with ShelbyArena   The committee has too much “spaghetti to eat” to get to Shelby/Arena
  • Team Assignment / Committee Review – See file (will be loaded before the meeting) in Basecamp – Team Assignments tab of the Committee Detail 1-4-23 file – assigned to Ken Zebal  Yellow is disappearing but still need more work.  Ken Zebal has agreed to help and has started to help Judy.  Work to get outlines done and to get our purpose updated and out to the people. Team assignment to get done. Please check your committee to see if any addition information is needed.
  • Leadership Development discussion
    • Update from sub-committee – Jeannie Ward – Encourage people to help them and to find presenters.  Need host for Feb. 13th, have presenter.  Cherie Hull, presenter with Jeannie Ward  host for March. No one for April. DS to speak to new Bishop if he is available.   Need to find both presenter and host.
    • Reach out to Judy or Jeannie if you are available to host the webinar.
    • New list of resources sent out. 
    •  Need one new member on the sub-committee.  Cheryl Reed went off due to her time up on CLLD. Several names mentioned.  
    • Scheduling for the webinar after Easter to be discussed on Friday at their meeting.

Documents for review/comment/approval – please review files on Basecamp – Leadership Development prior to meeting Review the following:

  • CLLD Nomination Process – Discussion was held on the process.  Please view the recording in basecamp for the full discussion.  At the end of discussion, a thumbs up vote was taken and all were in agreement on the nominations process.
    • Candidate Vetting – Discussion was held on vetting form:  Many questions, thoughts, additional blocks.  Please view the recording in basecamp for the full discussion.  As of now, this form will be used beginning next month. New Bishop to bring in a new prospective.  Move forward and update as we find different ways of vetting.
    • Friendly amendment move forward – Diversity Added box – needs this form to add anyone starting next month

 Agree by all to use this by next month.  

  • How to Hold a Meeting – most people know how to hold a meeting –Form developed to offer as a resource 
    • State the purpose.   1. – Person/committee assigned the task 2.- purpose or outcome of the meeting. Ken to add to the report. 
    • DS – should use resources of the module we have done?  Would have to be trained. How to implement them. Mutual invitation. Or Respective Dialogue.  Discussion held.  CORE can look at how to proceed with guidelines and training. Feedback to Ken.
    • Leadership Presentations
      • hosts needed
        • Feb 13th
        • Apr 10th
  • Review Project Timeline –file in Basecamp needs updated –Project Timeline is there a need for approval?
  • 2022 Top Diverse Churches email – Know where diversity is.  Churches to go to for diversity.
  • One way to go find people to ask. Is not the only place or way to go.  Keep looking for new ways to find diversity. Discussion was held.  Listen to the recording for full discussion.   
  • 2023 District Leadership Conference – meet new Bishop, 2 Thriving Sessions (The Road Before Us and Counteracting Bias) Online option – if you cannot attend.  Recorded.   Those who signed up will be notified if there is a zoom meeting.  If you need financial help, please let Judy know. 
  • Next meeting scheduled for February 8th at 3 pm
  • Closing Prayer – Carl 5:00 pm

Respectfully submitted, Joyce Trevolt

CLLD Purpose Statement

The CLLD has two main purposes:

  • Fostering DSC Leadership Practices
  • Developing Annual Conference Nominations
    • Continuously recruit to fill DSC committee openings
    • Discuss nominees within CLLD and committee chair
    • Vote on nominees
    • Present results at annual conference

With active support from the Bishop and cabinet the CLLD team develops a sound leadership culture for DSC clergy and lay leaders by offering a variety of leadership tools and resources.  Additionally, this team facilitates the DSC nominations process, end-to-end, which leads up to presenting nominations at the annual conference. 

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Author: Joyce Trevolt

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