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Today is Groundhog Day. Apparently, the groundhog has determined that we will have six more weeks of winter. Those who are suffering through ice storms are not happy with this prognostication, but depending on a groundhog for predicting weather seems like a real stretch for me! Psalm 147:8 says: God makes rain for the earth; God makes the mountains sprout green grass. Does the groundhog have direct access to God’s plan? I doubt it!

Sometimes technology seems to me to be very similar to making predictions via marmots (groundhogs are marmots which are members of the squirrel family). Technology is ever-changing, and keeping up with what is new is a big challenge. My husband, who worked as a systems engineer during his working years, tries to keep up with a lot of what is new. He is very interested in AI (artificial intelligence) and found a website https://chat.openai.com/chat where you can tell it a topic, and it writes a sentence, paragraph, or essay in whatever style you request. Playing around on the site, he asked for a devotion and got a really good one. A couple of days later, he was at a meeting, and the person who was scheduled to do the devotion forgot, so Dave pulled out his phone and read the one written by AI!

 I thought I would try it. What follows is a Chattel-generated paragraph answering:” Write a paragraph about laity in the style of John Wesley.”

The laity, dear friends, are the unsung heroes of our faith. These faithful men and women, who make up the majority of the Church, bring their unique gifts and talents to bear on the world around them. They are called to live out their faith in the workplace, in their homes, and in their communities. They are the hands and feet of Christ, bringing hope, love, and healing to those in need. The laity are not simply passive spectators, but active participants in the mission of the Church. They are the ones who bring the light of Christ into the darkness, who share the love of God with those who are hurting, and who make a real and tangible difference in the world. The laity are truly a blessing, and we should do all that we can to support, encourage, and empower them in their ministry.


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Author: Alberta Farnsworth

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